The NZ Young@Heart Chorus Inc.

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Our visit to the Womens Correctional Facility at Wiri was a rip-roaring success and TV3 came along to record the occasion

See the NewsHub item which aired on the 27th March 2016

The NZ Young@Heart Chorus is a non-profit charitable society dedicated to over-seventy year old men and women singing songs from the charts. Members mostly live independently all over Auckland, from Orewa to Pukekohe and meet to sing every Monday morning at St Aiden's Church, Ascot Avenue, Remuera.

Currently we have 43 singing members and an invaluable support group. We rehearse weekly and travel the country to sing in theatres, schools, church halls, conference centres, prison and even Wellington Cathedral.

Recent songs are  Shake it Off - Taylor Swift, Living on a Prayer - Bon Jovi and Angels - Robbie Williams 

 We are definitely not your usual Rock Stars!

  Musical Director -Chris Bevan

2016 - New Members - New Songs - New Venues

We are changing our rehearsal venue to the hall at Orakei School, mostly for economic reasons but it will be more comfortable with no echo and it will certainly be warmer in the winter. 

Annual General Meeting - 14th March 2016


It is with great pleasure that I deliver the chairperson’s report for the Annual General Meeting of the NZ Young@Heart Chorus for the period ending March 2016. The last year has been a year of contrasts; a year in which we celebrated together in the joy of performing and shared each other’s sorrow as we said the final goodbye to chorus members, a year in which sound, technology - even electricity interrupted performances but a year in which together we rose above technical glitches to sing professionally and skilfully, albeit at a later date for the June concert. Overall however, it was a year in which members of the chorus developed a warmth and caring for each other that stands beyond our written goals and proves the truth of the lyrics of one of our songs, “So I’m glad that I’m here with some friends that I know, always there with a smile saying You’re not alone.”

Members of the Chorus have worked very diligently again over the past year, increasing their repertoire by 20 diverse songs and pouring a great deal of energy into perfecting complex, challenging rhythms and harmonies, memorising lyrics to each song and striving to improve individual technique as well as group performance. This demonstrates that the chorus is achieving highly in the first two constitutional goals of the chorus, which state our aim “ (a) to provide the finest possible education for Senior citizens in the Auckland region in vocal production, singing and the performance of contemporary music and (b) to assist older people maintain and develop mental alertness and physical wellness through music and singing.”The Chorus are also achieving success in the 3rd goal of fostering reciprocal appreciation between generations, not only in performance, but in sharing an understanding of music inter-generationally with family and friends.The first major performance of 2015, “Angels” at the Glen Eden Playhouse in June, unfortunately had to be cancelled to due a power outage and was re-scheduled to September. This cancellation was disappointing for the chorus and audience alike, but the September show was fabulous and well worth the wait. 

Other successful performances include taking part in the ‘Winters End’ fundraiser at Papakura’s Hawkins Theatre, singing as surprise guests at the Age Care Conference at Sky City, and stretching ourselves as a choir in ‘The Events’ at Q Theatre. The Chorus entertained at the United We Stand, Waka of Hope Family Fun day, at the Dolphin Theatre annual awards night and at the Selwyn Friendship club.Unequivocally, our absolute performing highlights that evoked the greatest audience response came from the Chorus performances at Howick Primary School, Howick Intermediate School, and at Wiri Women’s Prison. The joyous warmth of feeling that was generated between audience and perfomer was truly remarkable and we look forward to future opportunities to create these special moments in performance. 

There have been occasions when the media spotlight has presented opportunities for the Chorus over the last year, including printed media articles. Chorus members were interviewed and the performance at Wiri Women’s Prison was filmed for TV3’s ‘Story’ which will be screening in the next little while. As part of The ‘Events’ Votre Arme film company were recording a video in which the chorus is featured. Each media moment provides wonderful exposure of NZ Young@Heart Chorus, with the additional opportunity to promote our sponsors, who provide vital support.I would like to thank Annie (our incredible stage manager), Hugh Boyd (our wonderful Front of House Manager), Finity Design, SMP solutions and Syd Mannion photography for their ongoing support. Also, thanks to Vector for their generosity. 

Sadly, the partnership with our major sponsor Summerset ended in December and on behalf of the whole chorus I would like to thank Summerset for all they have done for the Chorus over the last 4 years. As a sponsor, you provided us with far more than financial assistance; you have really helped us ‘love the life’

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the committee who work tirelessly on behalf of the Chorus. Pam de Frere, Senga Hutson, Deanna Briant, Fraser Faulknor, David Johnston, Pam Sefton and Sheila Summers; thank you for the passion and care that you pour into this chorus, thank you for your dedication to excellence, fiscal responsibility and willingness to delve into what is often the unseen, thankless and yet essential work that enables the chorus to flourish.In 2015, we grieved over the passing of three chorus members, and several long term singers have had to step down due to health reasons over the last year. We miss them. I offer a warm welcome to our new members, who bring their own distinct, unique personality and talent to the Chorus, and I look forward to the year ahead expectantly, where together we will enjoy another year of laughter, hard work, exuberant singing and exhilarating performance. Christina Bevan President 14 March 2016.